FAQs - Gamecock Park Tailgaters

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?Can the general public secure a tailgate spot with Tailgate Group?

NO. This service is exclusive to Gamecock Club members that have season-long parking in Gamecock Park.

?Is everyone now in Gamecock Park required to use this service?

NO! All past traditions, gameday rules, procedures, and tailgating spots will remain the same. The only added amenity is Gamecock Park tailgaters will now be able to pay for a turnkey hassle-free tailgating experience provided by Tailgate Group.

?Can Tailgate Group set up my personal equipment?

We will set up and maintain equipment owned and provided by Tailgate Group. You are welcome to bring and personally set up your own permitted equipment that does not exceed the allocated space for the reserved tailgate spot.

?May I have my tailgate catered?

Catering now can be delivered to any patron who books the basic 10 x 10 Tent Package through Tailgate Group. Tailgate Group will work with Capital City and Docs BBQ to make sure your ordered food and drinks are at your tailgate spot when you arrive on Saturdays.

?May I have catering delivered if I don’t purchase the basic 10 x 10 Tent Package?

No. Reason being, the caterers need be able to deliver and prepare food and drink packages ahead of time and before Gamecock Park Opens.

?May I decorate or add personal touches to my tailgate once it is set up?

Yes. As long as the additional personal equipment is within the guidelines of Gamecock Park and The University of South Carolina. We provide the tailgate foundation and you can decorate it accordingly.

?What to expect when I arrive to a package booked through Tailgate Group? (Quad and Garnet Way)

Gamecock Park opens six hours prior to kick off and stays open 2 hours after the game. If your tailgating spot is located in the Quad or Garnett Way then you will arrive to your tailgate completely set up as ordered. We will have multiple Headquarter tents set up throughout the park, with representatives ready to answer any questions or concerns.

?What to expect when I arrive to package booked through Tailgate Group? (Premium North and Garnet Way)

Gamecock Park opens six hours prior to kick off and stays open 2 hours after the game. If your tailgating spot has a 10 x 10 space behind it, then expect to arrive with your tailgate completely set up as ordered. If it is not, Tailgate Group will set up your tailgate after you arrive Saturday morning in front of your parking space. In this case, expect your tailgate set up in no less than 30 minutes.

?Do I have to clean up before I leave my tailgate?

No, we break down all the equipment and your only job is to show up and have fun! Helping with throwing away your trash is much appreciated, but not required.

?When is payment due and how much is required to book a tailgate?

We require 100% payment up front to book a tailgate on a game by game basis. And if tailgating packages are still available for that game we will take orders up until Wednesday night of that game week. Moving forward to the 2018 season: Season packages will require 50% before the first game and the other 50% before the fourth game.

?What is Tailgate Group’s rain policy?

If the game is still being played, we will still tailgate. If the game date is changed because of an Act of God (Bad Weather), then we will give customers the option to tailgate on that date or receive credit towards another game. Any food or beverages that are purchased will have to be arranged separately with our exclusive vendors.

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