Grove Tent Set Up Process


The Ole Miss Grove Tailgating experience is one of the most outstanding in all of college football. It has been called “The Holy Grail of Tailgating” and is located at the center of the Ole Miss campus. It is a place where the women impress and the men dress sharp. Old friends rendezvous and new friends are made. It’s eight acres of all that is still good in the south. The experience of spending a day tailgating in the Ole Miss Grove will last a lifetime.


Friday’s Grove Tent Setup is the official start of the Ole Miss tailgating weekend and is a tradition unlike any other in the land. 7:00pm hits, the horn blows, and the stampede begins as crowds rush to claim their spot for tailgating in the Grove. This is where you would benefit from an experienced Grove tailgate management company. Within an hour, the Grove becomes full of tents, tables, TVs, chairs, and even chandeliers. Almost every square inch of the Grove on game day Saturdays is jam-packed canopy tent to tent. Our tailgating services team at The University of Mississippi works past midnight to make sure your Grove tent setup is exactly the way you want it.

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The “Grove Set Up”

Includes 1 Tent, 1 Table, 1 Cooler, 9 Chairs, and 5 Tailgate Group Coozies. Tents are 10 feet x 10 feet. We also offer the option to add tailgating equipment to your Grove Set Up, including TVs, chandeliers, and much more!

Tailgating Services at Ole Miss

Our Approved Ole Miss Tailgate Vendor Membership allows us to offer an unrivaled Grove tailgating service to clients. With the Tailgate Group you will “Grove” in the best areas, in style, comfort, and with high quality Grove equipment. Enjoy your Oxford, Mississippi weekend and let our experienced Grove tent setup company take care of your tailgating services at The University of Mississippi.

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The Game Plan

Below are our tips and pointers to ensuring your Ole Miss gameday experience is seamless.

When experiencing a Gameday at Ole Miss, it is important to have a transportation strategy in place beforehand. Below we will cover the ideal parking drop off and exit timelines, official University on-campus parking rules, and off-campus parking suggestions

Drop off and Exit Times: This tentative timeline is suggested to beat pre-game drop off traffic and avoid post-game exit traffic. See hypothetical kickoff time scenarios below:

11 am Kickoff – Arrive no later than 8 am, Exit between 4:30 pm-6 pm after majority of post traffic has left.

2:30 pm Kickoff – Arrive between 9 am-11 am, Exit any time after 730p m 6 pm Kickoff – Arrive between 10:00 am – 1 pm, Exit any time after 10 pm.

Game day Drop off: For tailgaters who do not have an on-campus parking pass, utilizing the Temporary Unloading Zone on University Ave is a must! Tailgaters are allowed to pull their vehicles to the side of The Grove or The Circle and temporarily unload their game day gear. Tailgate Group’s Grove area is about 75 yards from the closet unload zone. See map below.

Roughly 3 hours prior to kickoff, or when University Police determine pedestrian traffic to be too great for vehicles to operate safely, University Ave will be blocked off and no new traffic will be allowed to enter the temporary unloading zone. We suggest for SEC games, especially the big ones,that you plan to arrive at least 5 hours prior to the game, or 4 hours prior to an 11 am kickoff.

On-Campus Parking: If you do not have a parking pass directly through Ole Miss and wish to have one on game day, you can purchase a prepaid pass for the single game you are attending via Stubhub, Vividseat, or SeatGeek (Click on links to visit websites directly).

Off-Campus Parking: Typically, the closer to campus the general admission first-come first-serve parking spot, the more expensive it will be. On average off campus parking ranges from $20- $70 per spot. We suggest looking for day of parking along West Jackson Ave bordering campus to the west. Most of the private businesses along this road will sell first-come first-serve parking. They usually have someone with a flag signaling people. You can’t miss them!

The Grove is a 10-acre wooded plot in land right in the heart of the University of Mississippi Campus. And on game day over 100,000 people tailgate in it throughout the day. Having the map below and understanding its lanes and walkway locations is a must! Let’s start with the roads:

Grove Loop Lane – Borders the North side of the Grove. Starts at the student union and ends at University Ave.

University Ave – Borders the South side of the Grove and wraps around The Circle. Public Temporary Unloading Zone is on University Ave.

Walk of Champions: This sidewalk goes right through The Grove and ends at Vaught Hemingway Stadium. The team walks through this lane 90 minutes before kickoff.

Willis Way: Runs perpendicular to the Walk of Champions and goes the entire width of the Grove from University Ave to the Circle.

Brewer Lane: Connects with Willis Way and is the lane where Tailgate Group sets up most of our tents. Starts at Grove Loop Lane across from Farley Hall and ends in front of the Thad Cochran Research Center.

The Stage: The Grove Stage sits between the Student Union and University Ave. It is where the cheerleaders perform 2 hours before kickoff and where SEC Nation or College Game day setup when they are in town.

And lastly... Hotty Toddy Poddy: These large portable airconditioned restrooms are placed on University Ave and Grove Loop Lane (across from Farley Hall) with 20-60 yards from setup area of Tailgate Group.

If you’re under 21 years of age no drinking is allowed in The Grove. Besides that obvious rule, here are our pointers:

Solo Cup Up: Beer, wine, or any mixed drink must be consumed from a non-clear cup. Aka: Solo Cup. Makes for a much more sophisticated experience, you’ll appreciate the rule!

Transporting alcoholic drinks on campus en-route to your Grove tent: Make sure they are covered up. This can be accomplished by using a rolling cooler (cooler with wheels) or placing drinks in a large bag. For example, if UPD sees you are walking on campus or in the Grove with a 24 pack of beer, it is within their authority to make you pour all 24 of those beers out. (Lame right. ) Our advice is cover it up and don’t worry about it.

Drinks at Tailgate Tent: Once you arrive at your tent, the same general rules apply. Put your drinks in bags or in coolers or under tables with linens that cover everything up. When someone in your groups wants a drink, take it out, pour in your solo cup, and put it right back where you got it from.

Grove Pirates’: On rare occasions, particularly in the dark evening hours after a long day of tailgating, ‘Grove Pirates’ in small numbers pillage random Grove tents in search of one more drink. These can be high schoolers, college kids, or very respectable members of society that after a full day of tailgating have morphed into zombie like creature on the prowl for a beer or a bottle of anything. Before you leave your Grove tent to go to the game, put all your drinks in your coolers and bags, then slide them under your table. Grove Pirates never think to look under a table (lol).

Ole Miss students, alumni, and fans dress like they are at a business casual cocktail party. Not too formal, a little extra, but in a timeless manner! And while we are no fashion experts, we have seen first time groups overdo it over the years and feel little out of place. Below are few basic tips to make sure you put your best foot forward.

Ladies: This is a southern football game day tailgate in a mostly family atmosphere, not a night out on the town. Saturdays in the grove may look a bit different than other tailgates around the country. Look nice, support the Rebs, and be prepared for a fun, active day outdoors!

Also, it gets chilly in the Grove under the shade of Oak trees and tent covers, so bring a jacket! See more pointers here:

Gentlemen: Simple Answer: button-down or Ole Miss collar shirt and khaki shorts or pants. Groups of guys that come in wearing expensive colorful suits will attract attention (which might be their goal), but they will also feel out of place. Keep it simple. On cold game days, Barbour jackets, warm fleeces, and layer up. Sports jackets only if you can back it up. (ha)

Tennis shoes are fine and practical, nicer leather shoes like loafers, boat shoes, frat cleats, (whatever you want to call them) look better early on,but might not by days end. The Grove can be muddy if it rains the day before or dusty if it hasn’t rained in a couple weeks. Also lots of walking on Game days in the Grove and to the stadium and back. Tennis shoes are the way to go!

We believe there are approximately 40% more tailgaters at a SEC Game vs Non-SEC Game, and even more than that when we play Alabama or LSU at home. While both tailgates’ atmospheres are fun and both are second to none, knowing what to expect always makes for a more seamless experience. See what to expect below:

    SEC Games:
  • Tent to tent in the Grove. This means if you want extra elbow room, book an extra tent. Because of this the price of land (tailgate setups) in the Grove is typically higher among all tailgate vendors.
  • People get wild. If you’re looking to be in the heart of the biggest party in The South, come to the Grove on an SEC Gameday. The most memorable days are the SEC home games.
  • The car traffic before and after the games it will get pretty backed up. If you are staying within a mile of the stadium, it might just be best to walk and/or take an Uber.
    Non-SEC Games:
  • More Space in the Grove. Sometimes enough to throw a football around. A group of 25 people could book a smaller tailgate package and still have room for everybody.
  • Slower paced, less energy in the air, and a more laid-back atmosphere. Probably more young kid friendly as well. More room for them to run around and less likely they will get lost in the maze of people.