Tailgate Group offers various tailgating services for events across the southeast. We believe your experience matters. Whether you are an alumnus coming back to tailgate on game day or someone visiting for the first time, Tailgate Group has you covered.

We are an event services company with a niche in the College & Professional sports hospitality arena stretching across six states. We set up your group’s tailgate at your preferred location, allow your group to tailgate for the full day, and after the game or event we break everything down. Your only job is to show up and enjoy game day! Choose from our selection of tailgating packages and enjoy your next big tailgate in style.


Tailgating Package Rentals


Tailgate King

Tailgate King is the ultimate game day tailgating trailer rental. Enjoy the experience of having...


Tent/TV Setups

Whether you're tailgating in The Grove, Gamecock Park, or other locations across The South..


Tailgate Airstream

This newly restored Airstream Overlander is the perfect timeless tailgating package...


Since 2011, we have serviced the Grove in Oxford, Mississippi. Since conception we have always aimed to provide an honest service to all of our clients across The South. We are the group that works early in the morning and late at night on Saturdays in the Fall so your tailgating experience can be perfect and as promised. Whether you are visiting The Grove in Oxford, Gamecock Park in Columbia or somewhere in between this fall, let our team be your tailgate provider!


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