Where do I Tailgate at Ole Miss, Grove or Circle?

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Where do I Tailgate at Ole Miss, Grove or Circle?

On Fall gamedays in Oxford, Mississippi over 75,000 college football fans per game come to tailgate at Ole Miss. Some enjoy lifelong tailgating spots, while others come to experience Ole Miss tailgating for the first time. It is estimated that over 1,600 tents are setup on gameday and that over 2 million dollars of tailgating equipment is spread throughout campus. The setup and breakdown spectacle some of call the 8th wonder of the world. A 48 hour virtual tent city is assembled for every home football game makes the Ole Miss Grove one of the best tailgating experiences in the country.



But the question we always receive from our new customers is where should we be setup at, The Grove or The Circle? What’s the difference, what is the best spot for us to enjoy the season at? And our answer is always ‘Well it depends’! We broadly explain that The Grove is an area where more college students tailgate at and the Circle typically is more of a family atmosphere. The Circle has more lanes which helps with crowd density and The Grove for the big SEC games you might have to walk through 5-6 tents just to get to yours. The question: The Grove or The Circle inspired this blog article and below are a few more sources that might better answer this common question.

– Official Ole Miss Football Website – this site will give you all the official rules and regulations set by Ole Miss. It also answers common questions to Grove newbies!

– Q & A from Ole Miss old timers about tailgating!

– An Intro video from the Bama/Ole Miss 2014 game!

– Ole Miss Grove early days and a brief History

– Where to Book your 2017 Grove Set Up!

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