Frequently Asked Questions

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?How many people can tailgate in and around a tailgating trailer rental package?

Anywhere from 25 – 75 people, depending on how big you would like your party to be.

? How do I book a tailgate trailer rental?

Simply go to the reserve page, choose a location, date, and package. Then after you have selected your tailgate pay a 33% deposit and you’re all set!

? When is the other 66% payment for my tailgate due?

Within 15 days of your event. You are more than welcome to the full 100% up front if you would like to go ahead and get it out of the way.

? Do I have to tow the tailgating trailer to the tailgate spot myself?

NO, NO, NO. Your only job is to show up and have a goodtime, we take care of everything else. We tow the tailgater in, setup everything, then after the game break everything down, and tow everything back home.

?How do we pick the exact tailgating location?

If you have a spot that will fit the tailgate trailer and 10 x 20 tent, we are more than happy to deliver it there. If not, we will discuss with you some of popular locations that a lot of people tailgate at.

? How long do during the day of the event do I get to use the tailgating trailers for?

We will have everything setup between 8:30 – 9:30 am (unless kickoff is 11:00 am or noon, we will setup at the crack of dawn if that's the case) and breakdown everything later that night after your group leaves to go home.

? Can I book these tailgating packages for other events besides football games?

Yes, and the prices are much lower on non – football days too! We are open for providing tailgating packages 365 days a year!

? How can I Buy a tailgating trailer?

Yes, visit They custom build tailgating trailers from the ground up with best materials, and offer the most competitive sales prices around.

? Does Tailgate Group provide catering services?

No we do not. Visit our location catering page’s for a list of the best caterers around!

? Does Tailgate Group provide tailgating services in the Grove in Oxford, Mississippi too?

Yes we do! See our Oxford, MS locations or visit for more information.

? Can I work for Tailgate Group?

As we grow, we are always looking for new employees to help us satisfy our customer’s needs. If you want to work outside, have fun, and travel while making money, we have the part-time job for you! Visit the careers page for more information.