Grove Tailgating Services

"Grove Set Up" Includes:

  • 1Tent
  • 1Table
  • 1Cooler
  • 9Chairs
  • 5Coozies
$250 - $375

"Grove TV Setup" Includes:

Grove Tailgating Prices

Tailgate Group puts our customer’s needs first. We take pride in personalizing our Grove tent setups to meet your exact requests. Whether you're a season tailgater or you just want to tailgate in The Grove for a couple of games, we can help!  Read through our Grove tailgating service options and customize the way you want to experience the Oxford, Mississippi Grove.

Tailgate Group’s standard “Grove Set Up” includes a tent, table, cooler, 9 chairs, and 5 coozies. All of our Grove equipment is of the finest quality, style, and comfort. Our company only sets up tents that are 10 feet x 10 feet. You can add additional Grove equipment at your will. Add extra tents, tables, chairs, coolers, chandeliers, and even hay under your Grove tent for tailgates on rainy days. If you really want to tailgate in the Grove like a pro, we can add a TV to your Grove Set Up. 

After deciding on your “Grove Set Up” equipment, it's now time to pick your location. Our tailgating services team in the Oxford grove will do our best to set you up in the area you desire. Whether you want to "Grove" in a convenient curbside area with more space or in the heart of the party in a more centrally located spot, we've got you covered.

With Tailgate Group you will “Grove” in some of the best areas, in style, comfort, and with high quality Grove equipment. So enjoy your Friday nights in Oxford and let an experienced team take care of all your Grove tailgating services.